A night at Trump’s hotel is $7,500 cheaper tonight than a year ago

While Trump proved during his time in the White House that he’d happily disregard the opinions of his detractors, the business side of him probably feels different now that his stint as President is over.

Where rates at the Washington, D.C. hotel once reached a peak of $8,000 for the least-expensive room this time last year on January 6, 2021—you can now stay at the hotel for as little as $446.

If you do the math, it means that a room for tonight is $7,000.

Why? Because the prices got juiced up a year ago as the MAGA faithful piled into DC for Trump’s much-hyped protest against a legitimate election.

Of course, this led to the horrible Capitol insurrection we witnessed play out that day.

The January 6 Protest was first announced by Trump in December 2020. ForbesAccording to that “almost immediately, rates surged from $476 to $1,999.”

The price of the room went up again just a week later. This time, the price jumped to $3600 before finally reaching $8,000 for the cheapest room.

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Forbes Notes that the hotel was jam-packed, with the manager of the hotel boasting that they could offer room service. “enjoyed record numbers that week.”

In addition to Trump’s general crowd of supporters who flooded the building, notable Republican political figures also made an appearance at the hotel in 2021. Some of these include Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Juan O. Savin (Qanon promoter), as well Phil Waldron.

Even though $446 is a bit steep, it’s still a good price if we are to associate ourselves with the man who did so much.


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