A New Husband Takes a Sexy Shirtless Photo ‘Sugar’ Mama June?

Mama June Shannon recently shared the amazing feat of Justin Stroud, her husband for three months. He rocked her world and has been her love since. Justin seems to love her clearly and it is clear that he is going to take their love to the next level. Justin recently shared some photos of his lady on social media, including some very scandalous ones.

Mama June finds her first husband and proudly dances with him

The new season of Mama June: Road to RedemptionWhen June began, Geno Doak was still with her. They were clearly unhealthy for each other. They had both been addicted to drugs and got arrested. Then they were sent to rehab. While June was finally clean, Geno was still drinking heavily. After he started to do this, Geno became abusive and it eventually became too much for June. She decided it was time for her to leave. Though it took a few tries, she broke away and ended up back at Pumpkin’s home. It wasn’t long before she was on her way to Alabama to meet Jordan, a man who had just completed his recovery.

He claimed she needed her to be sober, but she ended up spending an inordinate amount of money on him. He was shocked when he got engaged to another woman. Despite this, June was already married to the man she wanted. According to one story, Justin was the man she saw. ‘Smalls’Stroud TikTokAnd he slid into her DMs. According to the show, she claimed she met him at rehab. She felt a connection and they were married within days. He began to go with her to meetings and was only concerned about her sobriety. It was only natural that they would move on to the next step.

Take a Sexy Snapshot

Mama June and Justin got married in a low-key, private ceremony on March 6, their six-month-anniversary. Two months later, they headed to Georgia for the birth of June’s daughter, Pumpkin’s twin. They set off straight for a tropical escape from Georgia. They had to travel to Alabama to get Justin some things, so they couldn’t return to Georgia. Justin is enjoying some sexy snaps of June that he shared on Instagram. Instagram.One appears to be a photo of the mother-of-four, at first glance. It makes sense that she is making a silly face and looking slightly sunkissed.


June has done a lot more. On closer inspection, you can see that her straps are very thin to create the illusion she is full of air. In the caption to the photo, he praises her as being there for him through all of it. His followers wondered how much he would still love and cherish her even if she were broke. It will be interesting to see how long this marriage will last. What do YOU think about the sexy snap? We want to know your thoughts in the comments. Mama June: Road to RedemptionFridays on WeTV

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