A lonely, elderly man can’t find his sister for 65 years until a little neighbor starts his own search

A lonely elderly man lost in deep loneliness couldn’t connect with his siblings. He didn’t realize that there was a mini-detective living in his home. He was able to find this unlikely hero in a matter of minutes from his front door.

Foster care is intended to help children find their forever home. But, sometimes, it splits them up from the people in their lives who make them feel at home – their siblings. 

This can lead you to Not only in childhood, but also as an adult can lead to loneliness. Some people are unable to let go their lost sisters and brothers. Clifford Boyson is a Davenport resident.

[Left]Betty Billadeau, Clifford Boyson were their children. [Right]Betty Billadeau hugging Clifford BoysonSource: youtube.com/ABC News │Source: youtube.com/ABC News

Boyson was just 7 years old when he was separated from his four siblings. They were all sent to different foster homes – lost, confused, and never to see each other again. 

Boyson refused and was determined to find his siblings such as Betty Billadeau.

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Clifford Boyson holding pink flowers. │Source: youtube.com/ABC News


When they separated, his sister Billadeau was only 3 years old. He wrote numerous letters to his sisters and brothers. One was a plea for help. Please read:

“To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Clifford Boyson, and I’m trying to locate any family member. I’m not contacting you for money or anything like that. Please write, talk, and allow me to meet them.”

However, he couldn’t find any, no matter how much he tried. All of his letters kept coming back to him. However, he had no idea that a secret weapon was living next door – a 7-year-old armed with an iPad. 

Eddie Hanzlin using an iPadSource: youtube.com/ABC News │Source: youtube.com/ABC News


When it comes to helping the elderly with technology, children often teach them how to send messages or install applications. 

The tech-savvy 7 year old Eddie Hanzlin elevated it to another level. He set out to find his lost siblings by using the iPad of his mother. 

On Facebook, he searched Billadeau’s maiden surname. Amazingly, she appeared. 

Even though all of the siblings had tragically died, the fact that these two could have a reunification was truly heartwarming. 

Eddie Hanzlin, Clifford Boyson and Betty Billadeau. │Source: youtube.com/ABC News

A LONG-Awaited HUG

After 65 years apart, in January 2013, the two siblings were finally able to stand in the same room again. Clifford was tearful as he waited for his sister while holding pink roses. He spoke about the experience. Keep this in mind

“My heart was going 60 miles per hour; I never thought it would come true.” 

Billadeau entered the door and saw her brother. exclaimed, “Oh my God!”They hugged tightly. They hugged each other tightly as if they had never wanted to be apart again.

The sister was overcome with emotion as well. Expression: “It just felt good because I hadn’t known I had brothers.”

Clifford Boyson holding pink flowers. Source: youtube.com/ABC News │Source: youtube.com/ABC News


This would not have happened without the boy. Billadeau was acutely aware of this fact. She

“Don’t give up hope if you’re looking for someone because you’ll never know what [a] 7-year-old can do for you.”

The young boy revealed that besides his technical skills, he also found the sister because she was very similar to his elderly neighbor.


Eddie’s motives outweigh his technical and problem-solving skills, but he has a kind heart that drives him to help his elderly neighbor. When asked why he did this, Eddie, a primary-schooler, answered that he was doing it. :

“Because Clifford didn’t have any family at all, and I wanted to help Clifford find his family because sometimes Clifford gets lonely.”

He emphasized the importance of values, too, showing that not only does he have great skills but also wonderful morals – two characteristics that will likely get him far in life.


Eddie is a young man who has made great strides in his life and can now use technology to help others.

Computers, automation and many more are growing in power and intelligence every day. 

This can be used for good or ill. We need people like Eddie who have the skills and morality to propel this powerful force forward.We can only rely on the youth for our future, it is true. 


The one specifically powerful aspect of current technology, as we can tell by Clifford and Billadeau’s reunion, is to connect people – something that became clear during the lockdown. 

However, this can also be used to help us reconnect immediately, as the sister and brother showed us. This is exactly what happened in this case. one mother helped her daughter find her twin – who she originally didn’t know existed. 

Audrey Doering, Gracie Rainsberry were identical twins. However, they were separated by adoption at a young stage so that they didn’t remember each other. 

Audrey asked her adoptive mom to give her a sister for Christmas. She couldn’t, so she decided to research her daughter’s history. Surprised to learn that her baby was identical, she was stunned.

She was able to reach Gracie’s family through Facebook. Gracie’s mom was stunned at how similar the girls looked. It was hard for her to comprehend. Even though they lived thousands of miles apart, they organized the most beautiful reunion complete with smiles. 

While it’s romantic by nature, we are done with the days of letters, pigeons and sealed envelopes. It takes just a few clicks to connect with people that really matter to you.


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