A gang of masked robbers, armed with a “Zombie” knife, broke into the store in an ‘horrifying ordeal

Joseph Nunn, Daniel Cooke were sentenced to four-years and eight months in prison after pleading guilty.

The incident happened at a B&M store in Stockport, Greater Manchester

After armed with a “Zombie” knife, robbers broke into a chain of budget stores and took hostages the staff.

CCTV footage captured Joseph Nunn, 25, Daniel Cooke, 28, and another man, using an angle grinder as B&M staff opened for business, Manchester Evening News reports.

They took out the main door and ran to the storage room. A member of staff was then held by the collar, forcing the staff room. Minshull Street Crown Court heard.

Police were called to Stockport, Greater Manchester to order staff to be transferred. “open the f***** safe”by one of the men but they were informed it was on an alarm clock.

Nunn, Cooke, and another man came back to the room repeatedly to see if the door could be opened faster.

Daniel Cooke was jailed



According to The Manchester Evening News, Nunn was at the Manchester Hotel. ‘zombie’A knife, a metal cutting tool and a meat cleaver.

Both were arrested by police within 10 minutes.

The police are still looking for the third suspect, who fled.

Nunn and Cooke were sentenced to four years and eight month imprisonment after they pleaded guilty to the charges of attempted robbery and possession of an offensive weapons.

Duncan Wilcock, prosecuting, said that on January 14 this year, staff were opening up the B&M store at around 7.30am when the supervisor heard a loud noise.

A staff member spotted someone trying to enter the store using a metal cutter after looking at the CCTV and called the police immediately.

“One minute later, the two defendants and another man entered the shop and ran from the front entrance through to the storage room,”Mr Wilcock stated.

“They came across a member of staff, grabbed him by his collar and brought him into the staff room.

“The supervisor recalled people shouting in an aggressive manner and saw a male holding a knife.

“They were wearing balaclavas and all black clothing and she thought at that stage she was going to be killed.

“They told her to ‘open the f***** safe’ and told the other member of staff to get on the ground.”

They were told by the supervisor that the office would be open in 20 minutes.

Ten minutes later, three police cars arrived with five officers and the men were taken into custody.

CCTV footage from the frightening incident was shown to the court. Sparks could be seen at the front door as the men made their way through, before the door opened completely.

The men can be seen sprinting over to the tills, down the aisles, and then grabbing staff members and forcing them to lay flat on the ground for a few seconds.

He’s then brought by the collar and flanked by two of the men into the storeroom before the supervisor is seen to sit down next to the safe whilst they wait for it to open.

The supervisor stated that the incident left her feeling vulnerable, and she was worried about what would happen if they targeted the shop again.

She said she had struggled to sleep as she can’t get the incident out of her mind and cannot forget the image of the man waving a ‘Rambo’ knife around.

She said: “I genuinely feared for my life.”

“I don’t think the seriousness of this incident actually hit me until a couple of days later,”The male staff member stated.

“I struggled to sleep and couldn’t understand why I was suffering with flashbacks.

“I genuinely thought I was going to die.

“I feel those responsible need to reflect upon the impact that their actions have on other people.”

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Nunn and Cooke, according to some reports, had the same experience. “appalling”Criminal records, previous convictions for burglary, robbery and drug offences.

Mitigating for Nunn, Saul Brody said Nunn’s partner had apologised for his actions and is distressed at him being sent to prison.

Michael Johnson spoke for Cooke: “He accepts what he said when he was apprehended, that he was bang to rights.

“As he said to the probation report writer, his selfish and inconsiderate actions will have an impact on those people doing nothing other than a day’s work.”

Judge Paul Lawton stated that sentencing is a matter of sentencing “What you subjected those staff in that B&M store was a horrifying and terrifying ordeal, that was probably the longest ten minutes of their lives.

“It was extremely unsophisticated in its execution and it was your own planning which led to your undoing.”

Nunn, Sandpiper Close was sentenced to four years and eight month for attempted robbery, possession of an offensive weapons, and for his conduct.

Cooke, from Egerton Grove in Walkden, was also sentenced to four years and eight month for attempted robbery, theft, and stealing a mobile telephone.

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