A flight attendant reveals shocking secrets about plane loos that will make your nervous to do business on the plane

A FLIGHT attendant revealed a very disturbing secret about plane toilets. It will make you afraid to use them again.

Long flights will require frequent toilet breaks. However, one cabin crew member claimed that they know what you do in the bathroom.


A flight attendant revealed the grim truth about the plane toilet to his superiorsCredit to Alamy

An anonymous flight attendant said it. Buzzfeed: “The nearest toilets are where we are sitting.

“No matter how hard you try to cover up the fact that you’re taking a dump, it makes a different noise than if you just go number one, so we always know.”

If you are anxious about going to the bathroom, you might want to go instead of using the crew’s facilities.

Erika Roth, a former flight attendant who flew with commercial airlines for several years, says there are two moments on a flight that provide the best time to go.

She said Mel Magazine that if you pick your time right, you could have up to ten minutes of peace and quiet to do your business.

Erika believes that the right time is as soon as the seatbelt signs are removed, as most people won’t need the loo at this point.

If that fails, the next best moment is just before the drinks service begins.

This is because people are so eager to have their free booze that it’s easy to wait rather than waiting.

You should make sure that you use the bathroom. Another flight attendant shared some of the strangest places she found poo.

The one thing you shouldn’t worry about is getting sucked into the loo. Do not get sucked into the toilet.

The vacuum in the plane toilet only works at the opening of the disposal tube. Toilets are designed to prevent this.

Passengers have also shared their other horror stories while travelling including dirty feet on tray tables.

Flight crew often know more than you think while travelling


When you travel, flight crews often have more information than you realizeCredit: Getty


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