A flight attendant reveals a way to get first-class freebies on a plane

A FLIGHT attendant revealed a clever way to get first class freebies, even in economy.

Rachael Sullivan, a flight attendant shares her tips and tricks when she travels.


An airline attendant reveals how to get free first class on a plane
Rachael Sullivan shared the hack when travelling with her husband


Rachael Sullivan and her husband, Joe, shared the hack.

In one of her videos she reveals how her husband and she get additional perks when they travel.

She explained that it all comes down to what you wear. They both wore a tshirt, which suggests they were on their honeymoon.

She explained to her 761k Twitter followers “How to be treated as first class on every flight.”

“Me and my husband made these shirts for our honeymoon.”

The front of the Honeymoon Bound t-shirts was printed on the question.

She continued: “And now every time we fly, we wear them. Every time we wear them, we get overserved.”

She shared a photo of the mini-bottle of Champagne and nuts that she was given by her flight crew.

This clever trick was liked by many, with over 530k people liking its use.

One commentator said that it was “so smart”While another person said: “Omg we need to do this.”

Someone claimed that they too had lucked out. “We wear our honeymoon shirts every time we fly and we always get free drinks and make friends with the flight attendants.”

Another person came up with her own trick. “My husband and I do the same. Ours says Married AF.”

Others claimed they weren’t as lucky, and wrote: “We wore ours on our actual honeymoon, and didn’t even get to sit together”.

A person who claimed to work in a hotel pleaded with people not to do so, because they believed people would be able to tell them otherwise. “regularly tried to scam”It made it more difficult for them to celebrate with people they really care about.

Here are some other options to receive a complimentary upgrade to first class, including how to dress and sneaking in during low light conditions.

A man was too tall to fly economy and received a free upgrade from first class.

She said wearing a top which suggested they were on a honeymoon gt extra perks


She claimed that wearing a top suggested they were on honeymoon.
Some people loved the trick - but others called it a scam


While some people love the trick, others call it a scam.
My simple trick, which I am a flight attendant, can get you in first class without any questions


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