A 5-Year-Old Michigan Mom is Killed in Hit and Run on Her Way Home

A Michigan mother’s family has the sad responsibility of telling her 5-year old daughter about her tragic death at the hands a reckless driver who failed to do the right thing. These are the details.

It happens to everyone, and most people don’t expect it. But 26-year-old Michigan Mom Natia Harty didn’t. Nor did her family. They are still dealing with the grief that comes with losing a loved member.

On Wednesday morning, the accident that claimed her life occurred on I-94 Service Drive in Van Buren Township. The fatal collision occurred as she was walking home from visiting a friend, who lived near her house. However, the driver didn’t stop to help her. Lizz Fizer, her adopted mother, was there to help her. , “You kept going and left her on the side of the road to die like an animal.”


Police report that Hardy’s body was discovered by another driver who called Hardy’s at 12:38 AM after he saw a person west of Beck road on North Service Drive. Hardy’s body was found by the responding officers who declared her dead on the spot.

After finding Hardy they jumped into action and made an arrest at 9:15 a.m. the same day. He was a 61 years old man who lived in the vicinity. Hardy was the victim of his hit and run accident.


Hardy was killed in the tragic accident. The police were able find and arrest her killer, but her family is still struggling to accept her sudden death.

Hardy was just beginning to live her life, when tragedy struck. She had a beautiful daughter named Ava who she loved so much. Her adoptive mother said that she was preparing to become an nurse.

Fizer was stunned by her passing. Fizer said that she had put her feelings into words. “I literally cannot breath. I feel like I’m in the middle of a nightmare that I cannot wake up from.”

Hardy’s family is trying to make sense of what happened. They also need to figure out how to tell Hardy’s daughter that her mother will never return home. They are not looking forward it. Fizer :

“So how are we supposed to explain to a 5-year-old that her mother is never coming back home? How do we do that?”

Fizer hopes her daughter’s death will serve as a warning to others. She believes things would have been different if the driver had stopped to take responsibility. He didn’t and now he is responsible for Hardy’s death.

Fizer took to Facebook several hours ago to thank all her friends for their support. She also encouraged them to live happily because tomorrow isn’t promised.

Facebook users responded to her post with more comments, encouraging her and wishing her well. The majority of comments were similar to these:

“Many hugs my sweet girl.”

(@Ava Winans Cole) July 28, 2022

“I’m so sorry for you loss Lizz, I’ll keep you in all my prayers.”

(@Nikki Tolbert) July 28, 2022


It’s not easy to tell a child the sad news. Although most people would prefer to avoid the subject, it is difficult to do so. Here are a few examples. TipsThis can be a great help:

  • It is important to be as honest as possible about what happened. This will help your child understand how to deal with grief.
  • Be prepared for a variety of emotions in a child’s reaction to the news.
  • Make sure you use words like “dead”And “died”Do not use phrases like “passed away”Because it aids in the grieving process.
  • You shouldn’t try to cover everything in one go. You should monitor your child and determine how much they can handle. Then, give them information in small chunks to keep them from becoming overwhelmed.
  • Let them watch you cry, or even share your tears with them. It can be very therapeutic.


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