92-Year-Old Man Gets Kicked Out of a Bank, Officer Takes Him by the Hand and Brings Him Back

When an older man was turned away at the bank, he was upset and didn’t know how to rectify the situation. Soon afterward, he ran into a police officer, and what happened next was something nobody saw coming. 

However big or small, random acts of kindness can change people’s lives for the better. We never know what someone is going through, but easing people’s discomfort is never a bad idea. 

While receiving help from a loved one doesn’t seem far-fetched, imagine getting the same treatment from a stranger. Indeed, the accompanying feelings are indescribable, and after reading this story, you’ll experience them too. 

Officer Josett leads the older man into the DMV office [Left]. Officer Robert Josett [Right]. | Source: youtube.com/CBS Los Angeles | facebook.com/montebellopd

One day back in 2017, Montebello Police Officer Robert Josett was busy answering his call of duty. He encountered a somewhat distraught-looking older man while responding to a public disturbance call. 

Josett felt deeply concerned for the elderly guy and decided to hear his story. After a brief conversation with the 92-year-old man, the officer discovered the reason behind his agitation. 

It turned out the cashiers had turned him out of the bank and refused to give him his money. The older man’s California identification card had expired, and as per Bank of America’s policy, a valid government-issued ID had to be shown for withdrawals. 

The entire episode at the bank had significantly impacted the older gentleman, so Officer Josett tried his best to comfort him. On the other hand, the bank officials had called the police to remedy the situation, but Josett knew what he had to do.

The cops had tracked down a long-lost bank account registered in Helinski’s name, which had been accruing social security disability benefits without Helinski’s knowledge. 

The kind Montebello cop took the white-haired man to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Thanks to Josett’s intervention, the DMV workers quickly renewed the older man’s identification card. 

The Bank of America. | Source: youtube.com/CBS Los Angeles


Josett drove the elderly fellow back to the bank and helped him withdraw his money before closing time. When asked why he went out of his way to help the older gentleman, Josett expressed:

“It was pretty easy decision. It didn’t take too much thought. I just had the idea to take him to the DMV and sergeant Carero was super supportive. She jumped all over it and streamlined the idea.”

The Montebello Police Department related the incident on Facebook in September 2017, alongside a photo of Josett leading the older man on a cane, into the DMV office. 

Officer Robert Jose. | Source: youtube.com/CBS Los Angeles


The post became a viral sensation, amassing 277,000 reactions, 25,000 comments, and 88,000 shares. Netizens from far and wide dropped encouraging comments and were all praises for Officer Josett. One user wrote: 

“Protecting and serving at its finest! Compassion displayed. Love it!”

A second user commented: “Good cops do exist despite the rumors to the opposite (sic).” Another one added: “It is always great to read stories of kindness by Law Enforcement Agents (sic).” 

Netizens leave comments on Montebello Police Department’s Facebook post. | Source: facebook.com/montebellopd

Undoubtedly, Officer Josett went out of his way to help the senior citizen, and we’re glad he remedied the situation timeously.

You’ll be surprised to know that this Montebello Police Officer wasn’t the only one who went far beyond his call of duty to help an elderly fellow. In 2015, a homeless man’s life drastically changed when he came across two warm-hearted gentlemen. 

John Helinski lived rough on the streets and slept in a cardboard box when the cops found him. But the officers didn’t come to put him in jail or press charges against him. Instead, they wished well for Helinski and wanted to help better his situation. 

The cops had tracked down a long-lost bank account registered in Helinski’s name, which had been accruing social security disability benefits without Helinski’s knowledge. 

Officer Daniel McDonald from Tampa Police worked with Case Manager Charles Inman, and the two men sorted out Helinski’s missing documents. When Helinski was granted access to his identification papers, he realized something extremely shocking. 

Helinski now had enough money to afford a house and pay for food and rent. Indeed, Officer Josett and Officer McDonald’s kind-heartedness is sufficient to restore our faith in humanity. 

John Helinski. | Source: YouTube.com/ABC Action News

What will you do if you see an older person in need? Will you go out of your way to ease their troubles or call for help so their problem is addressed? Please make sure you choose wisely. 


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