70 Moreno Valley residents are forced to flee their apartment after a fire at the end of an episode

A fire broke out Wednesday at Moreno Valley Apartment Building, displacing dozens of children and adults.

Firefighters responded to the emergency call of the Riverside County Fire Department about 7 p.m. regarding a burning 24-unit block in the 13200 block Heacock Street. Posted on Twitter.

Flames were burning through the roof of the building as the fire spread quickly through the building’s attic space, Fire Department Division Chief Jesse Park said.

Park reported that the fire destroyed five units and was extinguished by a crew consisting of 14 fire engines and three trucks companies.

The incident caused the building to lose power and water, causing about 70 people being forced from their homes.

Park reported that there were approximately 40 people and 30 children among the displaced persons.

He was hopeful that some of the families would return after utilities were restored.

For those who needed assistance, the Red Cross was on hand.

Firefighters and residents were not injured in the incident.

Investigations into the cause of fire are ongoing.


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