7-Eleven stores throughout L.A. are encouraged to close in the wake of deadly robberies

7-Eleven franchises throughout Los Angeles were advised to close Monday night following multiple robberies.

The motivation to close up shop for the evening came from 7-Eleven’s corporate leaders and communicated through a statement provided to KTLA.

This statement says: “Our hearts are with the victims and their loved ones. We are gathering information on this terrible tragedy and working with local law enforcement. Right now, our focus is on Franchisee, associate and customer safety. With that in mind, we have encouraged stores in the Los Angeles area to close tonight.” 

This statement comes after a terrible night and morning of violence at 7 Eleven locations throughout the Southland. It included the deaths of a store clerk from Brea and a Santa Ana customer.

Six franchises in Southern California were robbed at gunpoint, or suffered gun violence.

Similar robbery reports were received by police in Ontario, Riverside and Santa Ana as well as La Habra, Brea, La Habra, Upland, Brea, La Habra, and La Habra. Police believe that one man was responsible for at least some of these robberies.

Three people suffered serious injuries from the string of robberies. As of Monday night, their condition was not known.

Law enforcement is still looking for the suspect in the robberies and deadly shootings.

One of the most popular convenience store franchises in America, there are hundreds of 7-Eleven locations throughout Southern California, according to 7-Eleven’s website.


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