5 people are charged in San Bernardino County smash-and grab robberies

Officials announced that five individuals, who were identified as members of Los Angeles County’s gang, have been arrested in connection to the smash-and grab robberies at San Bernardino County’s jewelry stories.

Jahaad Crawford (30), Dalon Laflora (29), and Jonathan Ivory Williamson (36) were both arrested Dec. 30 for a robbery of an Upland jewelry shop. They were ultimately charged with second-degree theft. According to the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office.

An investigation revealed that Laflora, Kay, and Alek Emling, both 29 years old, were allegedly involved with a robbery at Chino Hills’ jewelry store on Nov. 27. The defendants were also charged in second-degree Robbery.

They are all accused of being a gangster. “known gang members or associates of Los Angeles County criminal street gangs,”According to officials, Prosecutors claim that the robbery was also done with the intent of encouraging criminal conduct among gang members.

Officials confirmed that LaFlora Kay, Williamson, and Kay were previously convicted in San Bernardino, L.A., and other felonies. They are being charged with special offenses for previous felony convictions.

Officials explained that anyone charged with second degree robbery or the special allegations could face a lengthy sentence and an additional strike.


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