2BILLION WhatsApp users warned: New update is described as a’security-and privacy nightmare’

TWO BILLION WhatsApp Users are in danger “security and privacy nightmare”As the largest update to the platform, it is poised to forever change the face and appearance of users’ information.

Next-year will see the introduction of messaging services like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage. “interoperate with smaller messaging platforms”.


Next-year will see the introduction of messaging services like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage. “interoperate with smaller messaging platforms”Credit: Getty
The changes will allow a Google Messages user “to exchange messages, send files or make video calls” with someone on WhatsApp


These changes will enable a Google Messages user to use the new settings “to exchange messages, send files or make video calls”WhatsApp conversation with someoneCredit: Getty

This would permit a Google Messages user to take advantage of this, “to exchange messages, send files or make video calls”With someone on WhatsApp

It comes as a result of a European Union decision that lawmakers made to move forward with The Digital Markets Act. This act focuses on fairness in competitive.

It’s the latest regulatory attempt to clip the wings of big tech and ensure that markets are open to new entrants and smaller players.

It is hoped that it would challenge the network dominance held by Facebook, Apple and Google so they can be overcome by smaller companies.

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But experts and WhatsApp users need to be concerned as they have the most at stake with their security. “undermined”.

Write in ForbesTechnology expert Zak Doffman warns: “The legislation will apply in Europe, but it will have security and privacy ramifications across the entire user base.”

WhatsApp uses an end-to–end encryption system that ensures messages are completely protected.

This is in contrast to other messaging services like Signal or Facebook Messenger, which don’t offer it.

They use a standard SMS client. The problem with this is that SMS can be easily hacked, making it vulnerable to unencrypted traffic and fragmenting the ecosystem of servers and networks.

This is why the new legislation that forces WhatsApp, Apple, Google and Google open up their end encryption to an easier-to hack system is a problem.

They will be required to compromise their security which is almost certain to prove impossible given the large firms.

Jake Moore, from Slovakian internet security company ESET, explained: “Allowing WhatsApp to work with other services undermines the privacy and security protections it has worked so hard on creating.

“The encryption between apps will potentially be impossible to keep up with and once again, users will suffer.”

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He stated that security threats will continue to be a problem for them if the document is removed. “walled environment”End to end encryption is possible

The fix would be to ensure all messaging platforms use end-to-end encryption which can certainly be made to work technically, but only be weakening the security “architecture”WhatsApp offers users.


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