2-Year-Old Casually Drags Python Across Garden In Insane Video

Matt Wright/Instagram

Footage has been shared of a monster crocodile wrangler’s two-year-old son pulling a python across the garden. 

Outback Wrangler star Matt Wright has had his fair share of precarious encounters with exotic, dangerous creatures. In a video earlier this year, he shared a clip of him being forced to shoo an absolutely massive crocodile off a road while out a walk at Sweets Lagoon in the Northern Territory, Australia.

Not dissimilarly to the late, great Steve Irwin and his family of animal lovers, Wright’s son Banjo seems to be catching the wildlife bug in a new video.

The clip shows Banjo ‘learning the ropes’ by safely pulling a two-metre olive python onto the grass. ‘Pull him out buddy, pull him out. Pull him over to the bushes,’ his dad tells him.

All seems to be going well, until the python grows a bit irritated with all the riffraff and starts flicking its tongue at Wright. ‘Oh no,’ the toddler says, before running round to help his dad.

‘Watch out, he’ll bite you. You’ve got to go for the tail,’ Wright tells him, before Banjo makes his way back round to keep going.

The video has been viewed nearly 380,000 times, with thousands of comments. ‘Little king,’ one user wrote. ‘Banjo! What a legend,’ another commented.

Other followers have compared Wright to the iconic Crocodile Hunter. ‘He reminds me of Steve Irwin… a legend,’ one wrote. ‘He’s teaching [him] not to be afraid and to respect the animal gently and humanely at such a young age. That’s awesome. Like a young Steve Irwin,’ another commented.


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