16-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Sexually Assaulted in Back of Ambulance – Los Angeles

The family of a 16 year-old girl claims that she was sexually assaulted.

The attack is even more alarming because it took place in an ambulance.

The sheriff’s investigators and the girl believe other women were victims of the same ambulance worker.

“My heart’s kinda racing … a lot to take in,”Murrieta’s teen asked to keep her name off of her.

She says it was Friday five days ago when her school called an ambulance to treat a medical emergency.

She was on her way, in an ambulance, to get to the hospital.

“He asked my name and age. He asked me if I’m sexually active,”She spoke. “I said, ‘no.'”

“What really concerned me was he kept pressing that subject.”

The girl claims that the ambulance worker kissed her and then groped her before sexually assaulting her. According to the girl, she was afraid and froze as the man talked about other victims.

“He told me there was other young women that he did stuff with – and that he had a new girl every week.”

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department arrested Jason Anderson, 22, of Wildomar. They identify him as an employee at American Medical Response (AMR).

Investigators believe that additional victims may have yet to come forward.

The victim’s family and attorney believe there are many other victims out there.

“He saw that she was very beautiful, young, and most importantly, he saw that she was extremely vulnerable, and he exploited that,”Dan Gilleon, an attorney.  

“I never expect such a thing could happen,”According to the mother, the little girl was happy. “Also I don’t wish this circumstance on anybody.”

Anderson’s employer sent Anderson a statement, reading in part:

“The employee in question was placed on administrative leave during the course of our internal investigation and has not worked since the day the alleged incident took place. AMR will cooperate fully during the course of the Riverside Sheriff’s investigation.”

Anderson was released from prison after he posted bail. Anderson faces felony charges for sexual battery, penetration by force and other offenses.


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