‘1000-Lb. Sisters:’ Dr. Eric Smith shares his secrets to surgery

1000-Lb. SistersEric Smith is a favorite of many. The doctor is kind, friendly, and takes a firm hand with his patients when he needs to — especially Tammy Slaton.

But the interesting thing about bariatric surgery is that there’s quite a lot going on behind the scenes that fans never get to see. Continue reading to find out more about Dr. Smith’s fancy tools during a procedure.

1000-Lb. SistersStar Dr. Smith takes his fans behind-the scenes

When 1000-Lb. SistersFans last saw Dr. Smith trying to persuade Tammy to go back to rehab. His pep talk was a success. At the end of Season 3, Tammy admitted herself to rehab. According to the rumor mill, she’s made incredible progress during her time there.

Tammy was also allegedly qualified for bariatric surgical, which was supposed be done at the end of July. If this really happened, Dr. Smith likely played a significant role in the process. Now, we are the 1000-Lb. SistersStar gives fans a glimpse of his surgical tools.

Dr. Smith/Instagram

Let’s talk about robotic surgery,”Dr. Smith was born His Instagram post. “It might look like I’m playing a video game here, but really I’m performing minimally invasive, life-changing bariatric surgery. Robotic surgery gives surgeons like myself better vision, more precision and full wristed motion beyond the human hand in comparison to traditional laparoscopic surgery.”

Dr. Smith then went on to explain how robotic procedures can help patients.

Dr. Eric Smith from Instagram
Dr. Eric Smith/Instagram

It’s not currently known if he used these techniques to perform Tammy’s surgery. We hope so 1000-Lb. SistersFans will receive more information when the show returns for a second season.

Is there any news to share about the show’s fourth season?

Tammy Slaton has publically admitted she isn’t allowed to give fans updates on her weight loss journey because of her contact with TLC. Many fans believe this. 1000-Lb. SistersTLC is back for its fourth season. TLC will also have plenty of content to choose from. On top of Tammy’s stay in rehab, Amy Halterman just had a baby. Fans are eager to see Glenn the baby on screen.

But for now, TLC isn’t making any official announcements about the show’s future. Fans eagerly await information about the fate and future of 1000-Lb. Sisters. If you’re excited to keep up with Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman, follow Television Shows AceStay tuned for the latest updates and news online. There’s never any shortage of news to share about the sisters, so stay tuned for more stories like this one.

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