10 years later, Hoda’s kindness comes back to ‘Today.’

Today Show host Hoda Kotb’s kindness comes back 10 years later. She was very emotional during a special segment. On Wednesday’s broadcast, Hoda met a fan in the audience who revealed that she was his biggest inspiration. Nolan, a student in journalism, was the fan.

Hoda was reminded that they first spoke ten-years ago. This touching moment occurred in front of the NYC studios. During the segment, all of the co-hosts stood out. Craig Melvin looked for the most memorable fan among the crowd. Keep reading to learn more.

[Today Show | YouTube]

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Craig finally met Nolan, who was thrilled to meet Hoda Kokotb. Craig greeted him and asked how he was doing. Nolan was smiling big. It was obvious that Nolan was a wonderful person with a big heart.

Craig asked Nolan if Nolan was a journalism student. Nolan confirmed that he’s currently a junior at Baylor University. He said Hoda Khotb was his inspiration to get into journalism.

Hoda Kotb Hugs Nolan [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]

“I hear one of the reasons why you’re studying journalism is because of someone on here,”Craig agreed. “Is that right?”

“Yes, sir. I wrote into Hoda and Hoda inspired me to become a journalist and that’s why I’m pursuing my career,”Nolan smiled big and said so.

Hoda Kotb was obviously touched by Nolan’s story. The camera panted back to show her reaction. It was difficult for her to keep the tears from rolling down. Her co-hosts looked over at her as they stood back and listened to Nolan’s story. Ten years ago, he first corresponded to her.

“You were gracious enough to write back and I was like, ‘Oh my God. Hoda wrote back,’”Nolan stated.

She pulled her hair back from her face. Hoda Kotb stood still and wept. Nolan asked Hoda Kotb for a hug, and she agreed. They hugged as co-hosts and the crowd cheered.

Fans touched by Hoda Kotb’s tribute

TheToday ShowIt posted the touching moment Official Twitter Account. Many fans shared their opinions in the comments section. Most people commented on how sweet Hoda was to the young fan.

  • “Hoda always writes back.
    “Way to go @hodakotb you inspired a huge supporter of you!”
  • “So inspiring to be inspiring!”
  • “This is beautiful. Hoda is always inspiring. This is beautiful.”
  • “Hoda is an icon, and a Leader to so many.”

The sweet moment between Hoda Koutb and the fan was it not possible to capture? It was beautiful to see. Who’s your biggest inspiration? Leave a comment below.

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