10 ‘Jeopardy!’ 10 ‘Jeopardy!’ Champions with the Most Money

Ken Jennings is a household name thanks to his streak of 74 games on the trivia game show. Jeopardy!

Despite his record for most wins, he is not the greatest. Jeopardy! Champion with the most winnings if tournaments are included

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No, it’s James Holzhauer. He is well-known for his unwavering dedication to Daily Doubles.

Who is the J highest-paid winner?eopardy!? Continue reading to find out more

10. Roger Craig — $530,200

Source: ABC

Tenth place is achieved Jeopardy!Roger Craig was the champion, and he won just over half a million dollars in his seven-day run in 2011.

Roger still held the record for highest single-day wins on the quiz show, but that was until 2019, when he lost $77,000 to James Holzhauer’s record breaking $131,127-day.

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9. Jason Zuffranieri — $532,496

This New Mexico math teacher first appeared on Jeopardy!In 2019, they won 19 consecutive games.

He is the fifth-highest regular contest winner and is tied for fifth in the most consecutive games won.

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8. Matt Jackson — $611,612

Matt Jackson Jeopardy

Matt Jackson, a Washington, D.C. paralegal, earned $413,612 in 13 games and $100,000 in the 2015 Tournament of Champions. He was awarded second place in 2019’s show’s finale. “All-Star Games”Alongside his teammates Monica Thieu and Ken Jennings.

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7. Larissa Kelly — $655,930

larissa kelly jeopardy

Source: ABC

Larissa is a female contestant with the highest amount of money won Jeopardy! Thanks to her six-game streak in 2008 and appearance on Jeopardy!All Star Games, where she split $1 Million with Brad Rutter und David Madden.

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6. David Madden — $763,733

David Madden is a 19 day champion, which ranks fifth in the world. Jeopardy!A winning streak at the show.

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5. Amy Schneider — $1,019,600

Amy Schneider Jeopardy

Source: ABC

This is the newest addition to our list of most-winning products. Jeopardy! Amy Schneider, the quiz show’s champion in 2021, is the winner.

Amy earned more than $1,00,000.

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4. Matt Amodio — $1,518,601

Matt Amodio

Source: ABC

Matt Amodio (a doctorate candidate) is another 2021 addition to the list. He won 38 consecutive games and ranks second only to Ken Jennings.

His performance on the show was so well-received that he was nicknamed the “The” “Amodio Rodeo.”

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3. James Holzhauer – $2,962,216

James Holzhauer

Source: Getty Images

During his 32-game streak, James set multiple single game records for wins. Jeopardy!Regular play earns you $2,464,216

Add the $250,000 top prize at the Tournament of Champions in 2019, and the $250,000 second-place prize at the Greatest of All Time Tournament, 2020. “Jeopardy James”The winner walked away with almost $3 million in winnings.

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2. Ken Jennings – $4,370,700

ken jennings

Source: Getty Images

Ken was certainly a worthy guest-host. Jeopardy!

Ken has won over $4 million since his 2004 debut on the quiz show.

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1. Brad Rutter — $4,938,436

Brad Rutter

Source: Getty Images

Brad Rutter, despite finishing last in the Greatest of All Time Tournament Tournament, is still No. He is No. 1 in terms of overall winnings with close to $5,000,000 since 2000, when he won his first game.

We feel it will be a while before Brad gets knocked off his pedestal.


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